Love Your Bod LIFT

Womens Strength Training Program

Are you looking to "sculpt", "tone-up" your body?

Do you want to feel strong & empowered?

If your normal workout routine doesn’t include strength training we highly recommend that you start adding some LIFT into your life.

Often this is the key missing ingredient to finding that “tone and definition” that you’ve been longing for.

These are incredibly empowering workouts and we know that you’ll love the results!

Get ready to LIFT girl!

Your Fitness Journey Begins Here

You can't get to your final destination unless you have a map. Before you begin anything, it's important to set your intentions.

Strength Training for Women

Knowing exactly where to put your efforts for your lift sessions means that you’ll get the most out of your workouts. Making your time at the gym more effective and efficient. This is where many exercisers go wrong. They aren’t sure where to put their efforts and their time is used ineffectively.

This is why we’re so happy you found us! We’re going to provide you with the tools you need to help you succeed with your fitness goals.

Whether you have a big event coming up, vacation plans underway, or you simply want to feel more comfortable in your jeans – we are here to help you! Let Love Your Bod help you pave the way towards body confidence inside and outside the gym!

Learn How to Lift

What's LIFT?

LIFT is a progressive lifting program designed to sculpt your body while becoming stronger and more confident within a gym setting. 

Get prepared for that "tone" and "definition" you've been looking for as you’ll be lifting weights 4-5 times a week using split day programs. 

At the end of the 12 weeks, you'll feel more comfortable with barbells, cable machines, and various other gym equipment.

You’ll also be experimenting with more advanced training techniques such as low/high volume training, pyramid sets, straight sets. and circuit training. 

There is a common misconception that women who lift heavy weights will form a "bulky" physique. A reason why many women stick to doing cardio, and only using light weights.

This is simply not true. Once you starting lifting heavier weights, you'll quickly see that it was the missing ingredient to your success. Doing countless hours of cardio is just not needed.

Equipment Needed

LIFT programs are best completed within a gym setting as you’ll need a large variety of weights, cable equipment, and machines. 

Don’t worry though if you can't always make it to the gym. For every workout with Love Your Bod, we have a Home variation that requires less equipment, making all our programs adaptable to exercising from home. 

Other equipment that you'll encounter are resistance bands, stability ball, loop band, barbells, kettlebells, & more. 

Keeping in mind that all gyms have different equipment – we have exercise substitutions for every exercise in the event that your gym doesn't have a piece of equipment needed. 

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn to master 15 different kickass workouts over the course of 12-weeks while crushing your goals along the way. 

No need to think about what to do at your next workout, simply refer to the LIFT calendar which will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. 

For the first two months, be prepared to lift weights 4 days per week using split day programs.

In month 3 is where you’ll complete your first 5-day a week program. 

This will give you a taste of what it’s like to train like a fitness pro!

If you can’t complete all of the recommended workouts for each week that’s OK! Simply just exercise as many days per week that makes the most sense for your body and your schedule. 

The LIFT Workouts

Many of our members who love LIFT also enjoy MOVE, BUTT, & WORK!

But Wait... You Get MORE

Literally, You Get EVERYTHING!


400+ Fun, Unique & Challenging Mobile Optimized Workouts. Workout at Home or Gym!


Say goodbye to fad diets with 100's of delicious easy to mix and match recipes to choose from.


Interact & receive support directly from a top industry leader & engaage with our community.


28-Day Meal Plan Guides: EATS, LEAN & VEGE + The LYB  Goal Digging Guide, Nourishment Journal & More!


Built-In Timer,  Exercise Substitutions, Home Variations, Printable Workout Logs, Warm-Ups & Cool Downs.

Want To Try A LIFT Workout?

Meet Your Elite Trainer

Micaela Whitworth

Micaela's a certified Master Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist with over 16 years of experience. She's a self-love advocate, loves to cook and is the creator of Love Your Bod!

She is a Full-time Personal Trainer,  Published Health and Fitness Author and an Expert Fitness & Nutrition Columnist.

As a member of LYB you'll be able to interact & receive personal support directly from Micaela!  When you have a question, Micaela will get back to you with specific and personalized advice.

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One of the unique perks about Love Your Bod is that you can switch things up whenever it feels right for you.

When you’re ready to advance forward, you can decide to try any of the other programs or workouts.

At the end of the 12-weeks, you’ll feel stronger and have more confidence with exercise!

Apologies in advance – You may also need to buy yourself a new pair of jeans! 😉

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