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Home Workouts for Women

Too busy to be able to find time to hit the gym? 

Need workout ideas that you can do from home with minimal equipment?

LYB HOME was designed for women who want the flexibility of being able to rock out their workouts in the comfort of their own home. 

Whether you’re completely new to exercise, or just looking to spice up your current routine, you've come to the right place! 

Learning how to exercise from home is a great way to find exercise sustainability and there is no large investment or commuting required.

Get fit from home today!

UPDATE: HOME 2.0 is also now available! That means you now get 24 weeks of home workouts!!

Your Fitness Journey Begins Here

You can't get to your final destination unless you have a map. Before you begin anything, it's important to set your intentions.

Exercise You Can Do At Home

Learning how to exercise from home can help you achieve more exercise consistency. 

Even if you're already a frequent gym-goer, too often life can just simply get in the way and we end up skipping the gym entirely.

Knowing what you can do from home to exercise makes working out more accessible.

With more consistency of exercise, you'll be much more likely to reach and maintain your goals.

This is why we’re so happy you found us! We’re going to provide you with the tools you need to help you succeed.

Whether you have a big event coming up, vacation plans underway, or you simply want to feel more comfortable in your jeans – whatever your goals may be we are here to help you! 

Let Love Your Bod help you pave the way towards body confidence inside and outside the gym!

Home Workouts The LYB Way

What's LYB HOME ?

LYB HOME was designed for women who want to rock out their workouts in the comfort of their own home.

If you don’t have a ton of equipment or space to work with, this workout program may just be the perfect fit for you! 

HOME is fast-paced, creative and boasts of high intensity.

All workouts come with detailed video exercise instruction so that you can watch and learn as you go. Don’t forget, with LYB, if an exercise isn’t working for you - you’ve got options girl.

Every exercise has its own dedicated page, giving you full verbal and written instructions, and exercise substitutions so that you can customize your workouts to suit your personal needs.

Equipment Needed

For the first month, you’ll need no equipment at all – just a mat and your bodyweight. 

For the following months, we recommend a pair of 5-10-pound dumbbells – That’s IT! 

Having the flexibility to be able to workout from home will help keep you on track, and you'll save time from not having to commute to the gym!

You'll also save money as you won't need a gym membership.

Investing in just a few pairs of weights is a small investment that will provide you with long-term benefits.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn to master 15 different kickass workouts over the course of 12-weeks while slaying your goals along the way. 

No need to think about what to do at your next workout, simply refer to the HOME calendar which will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. 

Each week your goal is to complete 3 full-body strength workouts + 2 core specific workouts

What happens if you can't complete all of the recommended workouts? Well, there is no need to worry.

Simply exercise as many days per week that makes the most sense for you, your body, and your schedule. 

The goal is simply to move more than you did yesterday.

The HOME Workouts

Many of our members who love HOME also enjoy HOME 2.0,  PLAY & FAST!

But Wait... You Get MORE

You Literally Get EVERYTHING We Have!


300+ Fun, Unique & Challenging Mobile Optimized Workouts. Workout at Home or Gym!


Say goodbye to fad diets with 100's of delicious easy to mix and match recipes to choose from.


Interact & receive support directly from a top industry leader & engaage with our community.


28-Day Meal Plan Guides: EATS, LEAN & VEGE + The LYB  Goal Digging Guide, Nourishment Journal & More!


Built-In Timer,  Exercise Substitutions, Home Variations, Printable Workout Logs, Warm-Ups & Cool Downs.

Want To Try A HOME Workout?

Meet Your Elite Trainer

Micaela Whitworth

Micaela's a certified Master Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist with over 16 years of experience. She's a self-love advocate, loves to cook and is the creator of Love Your Bod!

She is a Full-time Personal Trainer,  Published Health and Fitness Author and an Expert Fitness & Nutrition Columnist.

As a member of LYB you'll be able to interact & receive personal support directly from Micaela!  When you have a question, Micaela will get back to you with specific and personalized advice.

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One of the unique perks of being a member of LYB is that you can switch your workouts up at any time.

Whenever you feel like doing a different program or workout, you can for no extra cost. This leaves you with 13 different programs, and over 300+ workouts to choose from.

You can either stick to one of the programs, or you can easily mix and match workouts to suit your personal needs.

And that's just to start! We're continuously adding new programs, recipes, and workouts all the time based on member feedback!

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